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Why Cyber Security Matters

These days, cyber-attacks are sophisticated. Businesses worldwide are struggling to keep up with increasingly devious attempts at sabotage.

Do you have the right technology or knowledge to protect yourself?

Our cyber security services give you peace of mind when it comes to:

  • Safeguarding against data breaches and loss
  • Cyber-attack, viruses and ransomware
  • Protection against human error
  • The unknowns – hidden dangers that rarely make the news headlines
  • Compliance with Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus

The surge of cyber security vulnerabilities and threats transcends being a technological issue; it carries significant repercussions. A single security compromise can result in massive data loss, financial injury, regulatory sanctions, and enduring damage to an organisation's credibility. Consequently, the protection of the most sensitive data has emerged as a vital concern for enterprises of all scales.

Our Cyber Security Plans

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Why Cyber Security?

Cyber security strategy

Robust defence against organised attack, accidental breaches and human error.

Disaster recovery

Business-critical data is restored fast, with minimal or zero downtime.

Flexible backup options

Backup and recovery, both onsite and offsite, designed to suit your business.

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Welcome to the era of digital revolution

An age characterised by boundless opportunities, ubiquitous connectivity, and unparalleled information access. Digital technology has shifted from being a mere utility to an inherent component of our daily existence, influencing the way we operate, interact, and transact.
However, as we journey through this uncharted territory, we face an unexpected reality: our dependence on digital technology enhances our susceptibility to cyber threats.
This observation may sound unsettling, yet it accurately captures the dual nature of the digital era. It has undoubtedly streamlined our lives, but it has simultaneously paved the way for potential security breaches, risks and compromises. The World Economic Forum has even listed cyber attacks as a primary threat to worldwide stability in this century.

This is where Cyber Security takes the stage

Cyber Security serves as the shield protecting your delicate data from the plethora of cyber threats scattered throughout the digital domain. Cyber Security extends beyond attack prevention; it facilitates resilience, and cybersecurity solutions ensure continuity and, crucially, preserve trust in the digital infrastructures and operating systems that form the backbone of our contemporary world.
We understand the intricate challenges brought about by the digital era and are dedicated to assisting our clients in securely traversing this terrain. As a front-runner in cyber security, we aim to do more than merely safeguard your systems - we take proactive measures to pre-emptively counter cyber threats before they breach your network.

“I was very impressed with the level of expert advise, what we received was value for money. I would recommend this company without reservations, and the response was 5 star as well.“
— Alan Pallot | Alan Pallot Consultancy
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— Judith Soal | The Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis
“There is a sense of integrity that runs through the organisation. There is no ‘fine print’ where they are concerned. We feel supported by them and trust them to make the right decisions for us.“
— Paul Pillai | The Montessori Place
“Based on our experience we would highly recommend PS Tech to anyone looking to change telephone supplier.“
— Martin Eastaff | Fairfield Trading Co Ltd

Why Choose us for your Cyber Security?

As your trusted partner in cyber security, we offer these and more comprehensive cyber security packages. We are dedicated to protecting your digital castle from all potential threats. By choosing PS Tech, you choose a robust and reliable shield that guards your valuable assets in the digital realm, making us one of the best companies for cyber security.

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How do security breaches happen?

The most common method that cyber security breaches begin with is typically a phishing email. Nearly 90% start with a phishing email, which is something very innocuous.
And so, unfortunately, some of your staff, if they're not trained or don't understand, could inadvertently open an email, and the message or the subject might make them want to act quickly.
When they do act on whatever that email requesting, it could be clicking on a link to sign a document to send some money. If they act on that without thinking, then that is probably the most common way that most cyber attacks start. As they then develop, these security incidents can become very stressful, and you don't really know what's going on, especially if you're dealing with it on your own.

Why do cyber attacks happen?

One of the key things a criminal does after the end of the day is financial gain. So they can hold you to ransom, either by encrypting your data or asking you to pay them to release it; these types of security incidents are becoming more common now. Then they request a ransom and say if you don't pay it, they will then sell the data on the dark web.
But don't worry, this is what we're here for. At PS Tech, we'll take a proactive, preventative approach to avoid you ending up in a detrimental situation for your business.

What are cyber security companies?

Cyber security companies are enterprises proficient in information technology security safeguarding digital infrastructures. They leverage their technical prowess to shield businesses and individuals from various forms and types of cybersecurity and cyber threats.
For a better understanding, here's a breakdown of their key duties:

Unearthing Vulnerabilities:
These firms meticulously examine computer systems, networks, and online activities to unearth potential gaps which may be capitalised on by cyber criminals.

Implementing Cyber Security Protocols:
Upon pinpointing the system's weak points, they roll out a host of digital safeguards. These include, but are not limited to, firewalls (which ward off unauthorised access), antivirus applications (created to detect and eliminate harmful programs), and encryption utilities (designed to transform your data into an unreadable format to deter unauthorised access).

Mitigating Threats:
In the event of a security breach, cyber security companies promptly spring into action to mitigate the threat, restore the damaged areas, and reclaim any jeopardised data.

Perpetual Surveillance:
Cyber security companies' duties extend beyond mere installation of protective measures; they consistently supervise these installations, regularly hunting for emerging threats and verifying the optimal functioning of existing safeguards.

In a nutshell, they serve as the stalwart protectors of our cyber realm, ensuring an environment of safety and security in the digital space.

Consequences of Data Breaches and Cyber Security Attacks

The repercussions of succumbing to a cyber attack are serious. Data breaches steal data and can expose private customer data, intellectual property, and business secrets to cyber criminals. These security incidents could lead to financial losses in the millions, not to mention the unquantifiable harm to an organisation's reputation. As data protection authorities globally enhance their data protection regulations, companies could also incur substantial fines for failing to protect customer information adequately. In the most severe scenarios, critical infrastructure could be jeopardised by cyber attackers, leading to significant service disruptions.

The Surge of Cyber Security Threats and the Necessity to Safeguard Delicate Data

In an increasingly intertwined world, cyber security's significance is indisputable. Data, whether it's a computer operating system itself, an organisation's sensitive information or an individual's personal details, has turned into a valuable asset. Yet as our personal and professional lives progressively shift online, our digital security threats have grown at an exponential rate.
From harmful and malicious software being engineered to undermine computer systems, phishing attacks aimed at malicious insiders and at pilfering confidential information, to intricate cyber attacks designed to obtain unauthorised network access, the spectrum of cyber threats is vast and continuously transforming.

How we at PS Tech save you from Nasty Cyber Attacks and Threats

Cyber attacks could even carry national security implications if government systems are targeted. Cyber villains are becoming increasingly cunning, using an array of methods, from social engineering to ransomware attacks, to exploit vulnerabilities.
However, despite these risks, many businesses underestimate the seriousness of the threat until they experience a serious data breach firsthand. At PS Tech, we champion a proactive stance towards cyber security. By pinpointing potential risks and implementing robust information security and controls, we can assist businesses in safeguarding their most precious assets - their data and their reputation.

Your Trusted Cyber Security Company

Why are we Considered Among the Best Companies for Cyber Security?

Where cyber threats persistently adapt, you require a cyber security ally who is not only proficient, but also dedicated to staying ahead of potential hazards. This is where PS Tech excels.
Over the past two decades, we have relentlessly strived to offer exceptional cyber security services, making us one of the most reliable cyber security firms in the sector. We're not just network security specialists; we're your comrades in the battle against cyber crime.
So, what distinguishes us from other cyber security firms?
At PS Tech, we believe it's our comprehensive perspective on cyber security, coupled with our profound comprehension of the unique obstacles businesses confront in the digital era.
Our cyber security solutions are more than just the installation and access management of firewalls and antivirus software.
We strive to construct an all-encompassing cyber security architecture that safeguards your complete digital infrastructure.
When combined with Managed IT Services, our cyber protection strategy covers every aspect, from continuous around-the-clock monitoring to daily operational support. Our device security services encompass network security, endpoint security, cloud security, and application security, guaranteeing a multi-layered defence against a variety of cyber threats.

Why Do We Stand Out From Other Companies?

We take pride in our proactive approach.
We don't merely respond to security incidents; we actively scrutinise your systems to identify potential weak points and patch them before they can be manipulated.

This strategy is supported by our cyber risk assessment framework, designed to assess your system's susceptibility to common cyber threats and customise a cyber security approach that best accommodates your needs. We harness the potential of state-of-the-art technologies like artificial intelligence to detect and against malicious attacks and neutralise threats more rapidly than ever before.

By leveraging AI's capabilities, we can predict and mitigate cyber attacks, ensuring your business remains robust in the face of evolving threats.
Our dedicated team of cyber security analysts and consultants is always available to offer expert advice, assisting you in manoeuvring the intricate world of cyber security.

We are committed to not just serving our clients but also educating them about the best practices for securing their computer networks and systems. We are more than just a cyber security provider; we are partners who accompany you on your digital journey, offering the security measures you need to operate with confidence. This dedication to our clients and the expertise we bring to the table is what positions us as one of the best companies for cyber security.

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It doesn't matter what devices you use throughout your business, whether it's mobile devices you're worried about, desktop or POS systems; all can hold security risks of their own.

In our discovery phases, we'll work with you to reduce any potential security incidents, prevent any unwanted outsiders from gaining access, and ultimately help protect your computer system from malicious code. Not only that, we can help train your staff to identify and delete suspicious email attachments, and provide end-user education where necessary, to keep your business safe.

As digital technology continues to evolve, so too will the complexity and diversity of cyber threats. It's a relentless and dynamic challenge, but PS Tech is fully committed to staying ahead of the curve and providing the most effective, state-of-the-art cyber security resources and solutions. We're not just your defenders; we're your strategic partners in navigating the evolving landscape of cyber security in the digital era. Join us on this journey towards a secure digital future.