Talent Gateway are a talent acquisition solution provider to scale ups based south of London, hiring for their clients globally.

"The migration itself was pain-free, and whilst we had support available to cover any teething problems there were none... We have recommended them to our own clients and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again."

- Rob Jupp, Director

The Challenge

When Talent Gateway first came to PS Tech, their data was located on an on-premise server meaning they had ongoing maintenance costs and they were more susceptible to loss of service or loss of data if a disaster were to happen. In addition, some staff work remotely, so security needed to be increased to ensure data was properly protected. The file structure had grown and evolved organically over many years. As a result, staff collaboration and productivity was reduced.

The Solution

The aim of this project was to help Talent Gateway to increase its efficiency and security, whilst improving the overall experience for the team. The first step was to move away from the on-premise server and go cloud based. PS Tech decided to implement their Managed Service Lite plan which includes Microsoft 365 Business Premium. This ensured they could readily back-up data and quickly restore if necessary. IT system monitoring and patching was implemented to ensure all systems remain up-to-date and fully supported by PS Tech technicians. This solution also offered improved and hardened security as all users now access data files via the cloud using SharePoint, without the need for a VPN connection.

The Result

By making the switch to a cloud-based system, Talent Gateway have the benefit of not being dependant on a costly on-premise server and VPN access for remote users. This results in a reduction in maintenance costs and an increase in security. Microsoft 365 now allows Talent Gateway to work collaboratively which has enhanced remote working, leading to improved productivity.

Security was increased so systems are protected against viruses, ransomware, data theft and human error. The new company file structure, using SharePoint, is now user-friendly and easy to access, increasing staff efficiency. “It’s reassuring to know that our data is secure and fully available” Says Rob, director of Talent Gateway.

April 06, 2022 — Paul Stanyer