Cyber Essentials

A government-backed accreditation reducing the risk of
cyber attacks against your organisation.

The PS Tech Approach: Commitment to Cyber Security

Our commitment to cyber security goes beyond just implementing the right software or hardware. We are dedicated to ensuring that your business goals align seamlessly with your cybersecurity strategy, with Cyber Essentials providing the foundation. 

We approach Cyber Essentials not just as a certification, but as a continuous commitment to maintaining and enhancing your cyber security posture. Our skilled IT consultants play a pivotal role in understanding your business objectives, assessing your current IT network, and identifying areas for improvement all while offering personalised guidance during the cyber essentials assessment and certification process.

Why Cyber Essentials?

Customer trust.

Cyber Essentials accreditation builds trust in your customers.

Robust defenses.

Accreditation shows high level of awareness of cyber security within your organisation.

New business.

Reassures new prospects you have proper cyber security measures in place.

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Basic Certification

Cyber Essentials gives you protection and peace of mind that you are protected against the most common forms of cyber-attack. To achieve this certification, PS Tech conduct an internal audit to ensure you have various policies and procedures in place, if not then we help you implement them. We then help you undertake your own assessment which then gets assessed by an accredited Cyber Essentials assessor. Satisfied the standard has been achieved, you will then be awarded your Cyber Essentials certification. PS Tech help support and prepare you through the entire process of obtaining your Cyber Essentials certification and guarantee a first-time pass.

Plus Certification

Cyber Essentials Plus certification adds to the basic certification. Plus includes everything in Basic, but also includes a hands-on technical external verification. Cyber Essentials Plus is only available once you have achieved Cyber Essentials Basic. Our pre-assessment service can help in identifying potential gaps and weaknesses before you are officially assessed. PS Tech help support and prepare you through the entire process of obtaining your Cyber Essentials Plus certification and guarantee a first-time pass.

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Unveiling the Cyber Essentials Scheme: A Government-Backed Strategy

The UK government's National Cyber Security Centre launched Cyber Essentials, a government-backed, industry-supported initiative to protect organisations from common threats. Cyber essentials principles are universally applicable, making it valuable for businesses and organisations worldwide.

Understanding the Cyber Essentials Requirements

The Cyber Essentials scheme prescribes five basic yet effective security controls: secure settings for IT systems and devices, firewalls and internet gateways, access control and administrative privilege management, protection against malware, and patch management. Correctly implementing the Cyber Essentials five controls, can drastically reduce an organisation's vulnerability to cyber-attacks.

Why Choose PS Tech for Your Cyber Essentials Certification Process?

Choosing PS Tech as your Cyber Essentials partner means committing to a secure future where your business is shielded against the most common cyber attacks. With an in-depth understanding of the cyber essentials certification and a hands-on approach to IT consulting, we ensure your organisation is equipped with the best possible defence against cyber attacks.

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Cyber Essentials & Enhancing Security 

The growth of digital technologies presents businesses with countless opportunities; however, this digital age also brings with it potential cyber threats. One key to mitigating these threats is the adoption of Cyber Essentials. You will gain access to a wealth of expertise, guiding you through acquiring the industry-supported cyber essentials certification.

The Importance of Cyber Essentials in Today's Digital World

Businesses can substantially and significantly reduce their vulnerability to such attacks by implementing the government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme that, when implemented, can prevent about 80% of common cyber attacks, significantly reducing your organisation's vulnerability to cyber criminals.

Attracting New Business and Winning Government Contracts

A Cyber Essentials certification can be a major asset when it comes to winning government contracts. The UK Government requires all suppliers bidding for certain sensitive and personal information handling contracts to be Cyber Essentials certified. With us guiding you through your Cyber Essentials journey, your organisation could be well-positioned to secure lucrative government contracts, expanding your business's reach and revenue.

Identifying and Mitigating Common Cyber Threats

The world of cyber crime and attacks is ever-evolving. Cyber criminals are always looking for new ways to infiltrate organisations, so keeping up with the most common cyber attacks is crucial. In our quest to ensure your organisation's cyber security level, we use the cyber essentials scheme to dissect various attacks and also educate you and your team on how these common attacks and threats manifest themselves and how to spot them.

Building Resilience Against Cyber Attacks

There's a saying in the cyber security world: It's not a matter of IF you will face a cyber attack, but WHEN. 

While this may sound pessimistic, it's a reality that every modern organisation needs to accept, but accepting it doesn't mean you're defenceless against a cyber attack. By implementing the cyber essentials scheme, you can build resilience against cyber attacks.

With us, we employ a proactive approach, continuously monitoring your systems, detecting threats, and responding to incidents swiftly to prevent a security breach, and our approach to building resilience also involves empowering your team. 

What Does a PS Tech IT Consultant Do?

Our IT consultants assist in understanding your business objectives, decode the often complex technical jargon, assess your current IT network, identify areas for improvement, and guide you through the Cyber Essentials requirements, facilitating a smooth certification process. Still, the aim is to ensure your IT infrastructure aligns with your business needs and boosts your cyber security level. 

Guiding You Through the Cyber Essentials Certification Process

Navigating the path to a Cyber Essentials certification can often seem daunting. But with us, you have a partner who is invested in your success and committed to enhancing your cyber security.

Our consultants start by helping you understand the Cyber Essentials requirements and how they apply to your business context. We also assist you in conducting the self-assessment, clarifying the questions and helping you accurately evaluate your compliance with the cyber essentials scheme controls.

At PS Tech we continue to work with you, helping you maintain your certification and stay updated with any changes or updates in the Cyber Essentials scheme!

Our Role in Your Cyber Essentials Journey

Beyond a cyber essentials certification, we provide ongoing support to help you maintain and enhance your organisation against cyber and security posture. Cyber security is a continuous process, not a one-time goal. Hence, we stand by you, offering expert advice and solutions to adapt to evolving threats and protect your organisation from unwanted attention in the long run.

Obtain Cyber Essentials Certification: A Comprehensive Guide

How Cyber Essentials Certification Can Boost Your Organisation's Reputation

Beyond attracting new business, Cyber Essentials certification can significantly boost your organisation's reputation. In an era where data breaches are increasingly common and costly, demonstrating to your stakeholders that you take cyber security seriously can significantly enhance your brand's trust and credibility.

This certification process is designed to be clear, straightforward, and manageable for businesses of all sizes. We guide you through the process seamlessly, demonstrating expertise at every stage, helping you understand the Cyber Essentials requirements, prepare for the self-assessment and guide you through the verification process.

From Self-Assessment Questionnaire to Technical Audit: Steps to Get Certified

At the heart of the Cyber Essentials certification process is the self-assessment questionnaire. This questionnaire comprehensively evaluates your organisation's current cyber security level and how well it aligns with the Cyber Essentials scheme. We assist in navigating this self-assessment, helping you understand the questionnaire's nuances.

Upon completion of the questionnaire, a technical audit will take place. As your trusted IT consultant, we will guide you through this audit, preparing your systems and providing you with understanding at each process stage.

The Role of Certified Bodies in order to be someone who is Cyber Essentials Certified

The verification process for the Cyber Essentials certification is carried out by a certification body. Our role involves independently assessing your IT infrastructure, ensuring your business meets the security controls outlined by the Cyber Essentials scheme, and assisting you with the application process.

Our qualified assessors are seasoned IT consultants with a deep understanding of cybersecurity measures. We ensure your systems meet the Cyber Essentials standards, providing guidance and recommendations for necessary improvements, providing you with the tools and knowledge to maintain a robust level of cyber security.

Future-Proofing Your Organisation: The Road Ahead in Cyber Security

As we journey further into the digital age, the role of cyber security is set to become increasingly pivotal. To stay ahead, your organisation must be proactive and forward-thinking in its approach to cyber security, the Cyber Essentials scheme plays an integral role in this strategy.

By obtaining a Cyber Essentials certification, you're securing your current IT framework against common cyber attacks and future-proofing your organisation against evolving risks. With our experienced IT consultants guiding your Cyber Essentials journey, your organisation will be well-equipped to navigate the future of cyber security, no matter what it may bring.

Staying Ahead: Keeping Up with Expiry Dates and Renewal Processes

One critical aspect of maintaining your organisation's cyber security is keeping up with Cyber Essentials certification renewals. Cyber essentials Certifications are valid for one year from accreditation, and the renewal process involves an annual reassessment to ensure your security controls are up-to-date and effective against the latest cyber attacks. We don't just help you obtain your Cyber Essentials certification; we also help you maintain it, offering reminders of expiry dates and guiding you through the renewal process.

The UK Government and Cyber Essentials: Looking Forward

As we look to the future, the UK Government's commitment to cyber security remains strong, with Cyber Essentials continuing to be a core part of their strategy. They've clarified that they expect all suppliers handling sensitive information to be Cyber Essentials certified, underlining the scheme's importance in the years ahead.

PS Tech and Cyber Essentials: Your Trusted Partners in Cyber Security

We've built our reputation on a strong foundation of technical expertise, customer service, and unwavering commitment to security. As a certified partner in the Cyber Essentials scheme, we provide comprehensive, holistic cybersecurity solutions tailored to your organisation's unique needs.

Contact PS Tech: Ready for a Secure Future?

Cyber attacks are growing increasingly complex, making a robust defence strategy crucial. The Cyber Essentials scheme is a proactive approach to cyber security, and PS Tech is here to guide you on this important journey. Our dedicated IT consultants are ready to help you understand the Cyber Essentials requirements, guide you through the certification process, and provide ongoing support to keep your cyber essential and safeguarding measures up-to-date and effective.

How to Get in Touch with PS Tech for Your Cyber Security Needs

Ready to make your organisation's cyber security a priority? 

Contact us for further information on the Cyber Essentials scheme and how we can guide your journey towards certification and beyond. You can contact us via our website, email or phone - our friendly team of technical experts is waiting to hear from you.