What makes us different?

IT Support Companies - There are lots of them out there. What makes us different?

What sets us apart?

Every IT support company claims to be different. What sets us apart?
Firstly, we believe technology is only part of the service. We’re here to deliver clear long-term business benefits, and IT is the tool for delivery.

We listen properly – because to meet your future objectives, we should understand where you are right now as a business.

We get to know our customers. When you choose to work with us, you will also get to know us all, by name. This is a powerful part of our long-term relationship.

Ah.. and did we mention our GUARANTEE? If you are not completely happy with your choice, within the first 3 months you can cancel your service, and we’ll even refund any onboarding costs you have paid.  

Call 01732 243100 and tell us about your business. If we’re not right for you, that’s fine.

An IT support company that speaks human

Why baffle with tech talk? That wouldn’t help at all.

No matter which IT support service we provide, we are an IT support company that always explains and communicates in plain language.

As we said, it’s not about technology. It’s about your business.

If you want to go ahead, it will be a collaborative partnership. We work with you to deliver systems and processes which work invisibly for the business.

You should barely notice them.

Affordable Monthly Pricing

No nasty surprises. A predictable payment makes it easy to budget.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Certified Partner

… but we’re agnostic about vendors. It’s all about your business goals.

No Sales Targets

Recommendations are based on benefits for you, not commission for us.

Proactive Problem-Solving

We fix issues before they occur. Annoying recurring glitches are eliminated.

What is IT Service Management?

At PS Tech, we understand day-to-day business because we do it ourselves.

Most organisations want IT to deliver 3 key benefits:

  • Reliable efficiency
  • Cost savings
  • Greater productivity

We don’t think that’s a big ask. Your IT system must never prevent you from providing excellent service.

Technology should be a modern, intuitive tool that works in harmony with users, customers, daily processes, and long-term business objectives. 

We have the expertise to deliver IT that works hard for you – and we make sure it keeps on working, day in day out.

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