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Business broadband connectivity is crucial for growth and efficiency in the contemporary business landscape. This is why we supply and manage your business internet tailored to your needs. Our customers get the best monthly prices and fast and reliable business broadband to help your business thrive.

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The connection options


Simply put SoGEA allows an internet connection without a voice line. Until now broadband and phone lines always had to come as one, so you ended up paying for something you didn’t need. Offering the same speeds as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) this is a great solution without the need to pay for a telephone line. This makes it ready for the BT Switch-off.

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)

This is fibre cabling all the way from the exchange to your premises. This would normally result in fewer connection issues and provides faster speeds. Typically, you can see speeds up to 1 Gbps.

Ethernet Leased Line

This is a dedicated fibre service all the way to your premises where you require faster speeds, guaranteed uptime, no contention (Not shared with anyone) and symmetrical download and upload speeds. Typically, you can see speeds up to 10 Gbps. Simply let us know your installation address and we will provide you with a range of bandwidth options and pricing.


This works using the same technology as your mobile phone and, with over 90% UK coverage, can be a great option. This solution is perfect for remote locations, providing short term, or backup connectivity. Typically, you will see speeds up to 100 Mbps.

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Understanding Business Broadband Packages

Choosing the right package is a critical decision that can significantly impact your business. So what do business broadband and phone deals entail, and why do they outperform most home broadband connections and phone deals?

What Does a Business Broadband Package Include?

A business broadband and phone package with us includes high broadband speeds, superior phone services, optional functionalities like voicemail, and a static IP. You’ll get faster customer support with your providers, and we’ll be on hand every step of the way. This sets our business broadband and phone line bundle apart from standard home broadband.

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“Kevin and his team were very helpful in advising us on all the steps involved in moving from our old supplier when we decided to change to a VOIP telephone system. Based on our experience we would highly recommend PS Tech to anyone looking to change telephone supplier.“
— Martin Eastaff | Fairfield Trading Co Ltd

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Who is the Best Internet Provider for Business?

Choosing the best business broadband provider for your business can seem daunting, however, we're here to help.

Factors to Consider when Comparing Business Broadband Providers

Of course, we could easily say, 'pick us'; however, when it comes to your business's needs, we want you to make the best-informed decision that will align with your goals. We are confident that our systems can do just that.
We provide high-speed business broadband with a reliable service and a responsive team of customer support. With us, you have the assurance that we will resolve any issues as quickly as possible to minimise downtime.

We offer a range of pricing options so you can find the business broadband and phone package that works best for you. Prioritising robust security features is paramount to guarding you against cyber threats.

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Understanding Fibre Broadband for Businesses

Fibre broadband offers several advantages over traditional broadband, especially in download speed and upload speeds.

Benefits of Business Fibre Broadband

Fibre broadband enhances operations, enables high-quality VoIP services or video calls, and improves customer interaction with online services. It's also less prone to downtime and unaffected by environmental conditions. We can set you up with reliable, high-speed fibre broadband for businesses.

The Importance of High Download and Upload Speeds

Business broadband download and upload speeds are crucial for business operations. High download speeds ensure smooth access to online resources, efficient file downloads, and seamless video streaming. Hight speeds are vital when sending data, such as large files, emails, or backups, to a server or cloud storage. A minimum download speed and sluggish business broadband service can lead to delays in data transfer, affecting productivity and workflow.

Security Features for Business Broadband and Phones

Cyber threats are a constant concern in today's digital world, so having a secure connection for your broadband and phone services is necessary.

Importance of Secure Connections in Business Broadband and Phones

Every time your business interacts online, whether through sending an email, conducting a video conference or processing a customer transaction, you're potentially exposing sensitive business data to cyber threats.
These threats can range from phishing attempts and malware attacks to data breaches, all capable of causing significant damage to your business. Therefore, having a secure internet connection is vital. It helps protect your business's sensitive information, safeguarding your digital assets and helping you maintain trust with your clients and partners.

How We Ensure Your Business Broadband Security

We understand that security is a top business priority. That's why we've made it our mission to ensure all our services offer robust security elements that meet the demands of every business addressing today's digital landscape.
We use advanced encryption, ensuring your business data remains confidential and secure. Furthermore, we provide secure firewalls to protect your business from potential intrusions and cyber threats and offer static IP addresses. These include Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for a secure connection.
On top of this, we offer comprehensive security awareness training, for your staff, on the best practices for online safety - to help build a robust first line of defence against cyber threats.

Service Level Agreement: The Assurance of Reliable Connection

What is an SLA and Why is it Important?
An SLA is a commitment between a service provider and a client, outlining the standard of service the client can expect. SLA's cover uptime, speed and fault resolution times. Assuring your business a reliable, high-quality broadband service, we offer a form of recourse if those standards aren't met. That could be in credits or a right to terminate the agreement.

Dedicated Support & Minimum Speed Guarantee

We understand how crucial a fast and reliable broadband connection is for businesses, so we offer a comprehensive SLA with our broadband packages. Our SLA includes a minimum speed guarantee, ensuring your business can operate smoothly and efficiently. But our commitment continues beyond speed. We understand that if a problem does arise, resolving it quickly and effectively is paramount; that's why our dedicated technical support team is always on hand to help!

How We Supply Swift, Reliable Broadband and Phone Packages

We recognise that time equates to money for businesses and any lag or downtime can be expensive. Therefore, we extend a full minimum speed guarantee and assurance of unlimited calls as part of our SLA.
Our mobile business broadband deal packages are designed with a clear understanding of your business needs. And with additional services, such as international calls or multiple access points, your business broadband bundle can be customised to align perfectly with your business.

Can I Use my Home Broadband for Business?

With the increasing trend of remote working and working from home offices, you might wonder if your home broadband connection is sufficient for your business needs. While it might seem practical and cost-effective, several factors should be considered.

Potential Drawbacks of Using Home Broadband for Your Business Broadband

Most home connections are primarily for regular household usage, such as video streaming and social media browsing. They might struggle to handle heavier business traffic.
When you compare broadband packages to home broadband, you may notice it typically doesn't offer static IP crucial for secure VPNs or website hosting.
Furthermore, the support provided to home broadband users is often less prompt compared to business broadband providers.
Lastly, even though the monthly cost of home broadband during business hours may be cheaper, business broadband costs are usually tax-deductible.

Why Dedicated Business Broadband and Phone Packages Are Essential

Opting for a bespoke business broadband and mobile package provides our business customers with numerous benefits, including enhanced download speed, upload speeds, superior reliability, and a static IP address. Our business broadband packages also have exceptional customer support and fast fault resolutions, ensuring your business operates smoothly.
With us, you get a safe, swift, and reliable broadband connection supported by expert technical assistance customising your business needs.

Benefits of Business Broadband Deals over Home Broadband Connections

Business broadband exceeds home broadband with its faster speeds, larger capacity for simultaneous users, dedicated technical support, and static IP for secure remote access. Furthermore, our top business broadband bundle enhances security with firewall protections and anti-spam filtering features, ensuring a safe business environment.

Static IP vs Dynamic IP Address for Business Broadband

An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a unique identifier for devices on a network, serving a crucial role in directing Internet traffic.
What is a Static IP Address, and Why Does Your Business Broadband Need One?

A static IP address is a permanent internet protocol address that remains consistent over time. This type of IP number is manually set and doesn't change unless the Internet Service Provider (ISP) modify it.

For business broadband, a static IP offers several key advantages. If your company hosts a server for a website, email, FTP, or VPN, a static IP is necessary to ensure that users can reliably find your server at the same address. It also allows for accurate geo-location services, which can be essential for some types of businesses.

Understanding Dynamic IP Address and its Usage

Dynamic IP addresses, auto-assigned by servers, vary each time a device connects to the network. They are ideal for general home use but aren't optimal for hosting services due to their variability. Choosing between static and dynamic IPs depends on your needs; static for consistent hosting and services, and dynamic for activities without fixed IP requirements.

At PS Tech, we offer both options as part of our business broadband bundle, allowing you to choose the solution that best fits your needs.

Do You Need a Phone Line for Business Broadband?

Gone are the days when the Internet was delivered via the same copper wire used for your landline. Technological advancements have led to new ways of delivering broadband, enabling most businesses to have a broadband internet connection without a traditional phone line. Yet, the significance of having a dedicated business phone line remains paramount.
With our services, you get fast and reliable business broadband speed and a digital phone line packed with features that can take your business communication to the next level.

Digital Phone Lines: The Modern Alternative

Enter the world of digital phone lines, a modern alternative to traditional landlines. Computerised phone lines, or VoIP, use an internet connection to make unlimited UK calls.
With computerised phone lines, you can make calls directly from a computer, even bring your VoIP device and use it with an internet connection at any business address or location, either wired or through Wi-Fi. This flexibility makes computerised phone lines ideal for businesses looking to enhance their communication capabilities without relying on traditional phone lines.

Advantages of Having a Dedicated Business Phone Line

A dedicated business phone line, especially a digital one, has several benefits. It provides a separate line for your business calls, which can help create a professional image for your business. It allows you to separate your business from personal calls, benefiting small businesses operating from home. Furthermore, digital phone lines often have features tailored to business needs, such as call forwarding, automatic attendant, voicemail to email, and more. These features can significantly enhance client communication, improve customer service, and increase efficiency.

Connect with PS Tech: Your Collaborator for Uninterrupted Business Broadband Connectivity

We are here to assist in tailoring your business needs with a comprehensive business phone and internet package. We offer customised services with the flexibility to adapt as your business evolves. Our goal extends beyond providing services; we aspire to become your collaborator in achieving uninterrupted business broadband connectivity.
So, why hesitate? Claim business broadband deals with us today,
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