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Microsoft 365 Backup Service

Microsoft 365 is a popular productivity tool for organisations, but many business owners mistakenly believe it offers comprehensive data protection for their team’s essential applications.

Backing up Microsoft 365 data is critical

Securing Microsoft 365 data is crucial. Although Microsoft ensures infrastructure reliability, data protection is still your responsibility. Without third-party backups, critical business data like emails and shared files in Microsoft 365 are vulnerable to common threats like accidental deletions and malware attacks.

You’re not the only one who might be unaware of this. Thankfully, our managed backup services can help. Our team is here to provide comprehensive backup protection tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Safeguard your Microsoft 365 Data Using our Managed Backup Services

Avoid Data Loss

Prevent data loss caused by user mistakes, accidental or deliberate file deletion, and ransomware attacks.

Stay Compliant

Ensure regulatory compliance by keeping your data secure, easily recoverable and protected.

Ensure Business Continuity

Reduce costly recovery times and keep your business running with fast granular data restoration.

Don’t Leave your Microsoft 365 Data Vulnerable

Every organisation must have dependable, thorough backup protection for the Microsoft 365 systems they depend upon. We can take a comprehensive look at your data, systems, and apps to ensure you have the necessary backup services to maintain smooth operations.

Our service includes:

  • Automatic protection of new users, teams and sites

  • Granular restores in seconds

  • Quick backup search

  • Powerful status monitoring and reporting

  • Advanced multi-level encryption

  • Multi-factor authentication support

Enjoy Peace of Mind Knowing your Business Data is Fully Protected with Comprehensive Microsoft 365 Data Protection

Exchange Online

Protect emails, attachments, contacts, tasks, group mailboxes, archive mailboxes and calendars.

SharePoint Online

Protect site collections, team sites, communication sites and all of your access permissions.

OneDrive for Business

Protect files and folders, including all access permissions when needed.


Secure Microsoft Teams data, including teams, channels, files, mailboxes, email folders, messages, meetings, and team sites.

Let us know how we can help your organization close the gaps that Microsoft 365 leaves their customers alone to address. We can evaluate your current needs and offer a quote for leveraging our services.

Our IT consultants give you peace of mind by devising a backup and recovery plan. It acts as the backbone to a smart business continuity strategy. If the worst happens, your business will be free to function as normal.

Pick a date on the calendar, or call us on 01732 243100 for a no-obligation conversation with our director, Paul Stanyer. The initial consultation will be free of charge (and free from tech jargon).

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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
“… PS Tech implemented the new systems we needed without disturbing our day-to-day work duties…The support we received has been very efficient… communication is very good – open and honest.”
— Natasha | Amodal Limited

Constant Reliability

Consistent processes. No more reliance on users backing up their own data.


You can be nimble when responding to customer, legal or auditor requests.

Accurate Replication

If you accidentally lose data, simply `rewind’ to carry on where you left off. 

Cost savings

Protect, save and restore data without expensive on-site hardware.

£3.20/ per seat

Managed M365 data backup

We take care of everything for you, including setting up, monitoring, and testing your backups. Our team of experts will work with you to create a custom backup strategy that fits your needs. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your data is securely and reliably backed up and easily recoverable in case of a disaster.

£2.20/ per seat

Unmanaged M365 data backup

You’re in charge of setting up and managing your backups, which includes selecting the right backup frequency and storage options. While you have more control, it requires technical expertise and can be time-consuming. You’ll need to ensure the reliability and security of your backups, and test them regularly to make sure they work correctly.

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