Data Backup and Recovery

Mistakes happen. We keep your business working

“… PS Tech implemented the new systems we needed without disturbing our day-to-day work duties…The support we received has been very efficient… communication is very good – open and honest.”
— Natasha | Amodal Limited

We’re all human. Sometimes, all it takes is a single moment of distraction to paralyse a business.
data backup and recovery plan can save your business from disaster – whether it’s system failure, cyber-attack, natural disaster… or just pressing the wrong button.

Our IT consultants give you peace of mind by devising a backup and recovery plan. It acts as the backbone to a smart business continuity strategy. If the worst happens, your business will be free to function as normal.

Pick a date on the calendar, or call us on 01732 243100 for a no-obligation conversation with our director, Paul Stanyer. The initial consultation will be free of charge (and free from tech jargon).

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Constant Reliability

Consistent processes. No more reliance on users backing up their own data.


You can be nimble when responding to customer, legal or auditor requests.

Accurate Replication

If you accidentally lose data, simply `rewind’ to carry on where you left off. 

Cost savings

Protect, save and restore data without expensive on-site hardware.

Backup and restore data quickly

Our data backup and recovery service is adaptable, depending on what your individual business needs to remain safe.

Whichever level of business protection you choose, the following comes as standard:

  • Data backup to a watertight hybrid of on-premise and cloud
  • Regular monitoring to maintain security and compliance
  • Testing and disaster simulations
  • Rapid restoration of business-critical data in the event of a breach
  • Easy, quick telephone access to our experts

We can protect all areas of your IT setup – from desktops, laptops, networks and servers to remote working.

Don’t be fooled into thinking because you use M365 your data is automatically backed up. Protect your business data with our complete Microsoft 365 backup service.

Why PS Tech for data backup and recovery?

We’re not here to sell stuff. It’s our job to keep your business safe, to make sure it thrives and grows.

Our security experts will recommend only the protection your business needs – no unnecessary add-ons. We see it as a balance between:

  • Failsafe security and protection
  • Frictionless day-to-day working for end users

Call 01732 243100 to get a no-obligation quote. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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