Microsoft Modern Workplace

Customised for the way you do business. No downtime, no hassle.

Our IT consultants are proven experts at implementing Microsoft Modern Workplace.
Why would you need to know this?
Because sooner or later, all businesses find themselves cursing their IT system. It becomes a clunky mass of outdated technology that keeps going wrong… and you don’t need the hassle.

When we implement Microsoft Modern Workplace, it’s custom configured for your business. You get frictionless technology that’s intuitive for every user, powerfully reliable and working to its full potential.

We are a Microsoft certified partner… but why should that matter to you? Firstly, it guarantees outstanding service from us. Secondly, you can try out Microsoft Modern Workplace before committing.

Sounds interesting? Whether you’re just starting, or your Microsoft installation isn’t going to plan, call us on 01732 243100

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Teamwork and problem-solving across multiple locations and platforms.


Security is built-in to protect your critical data, guard against threats, and manage access with full control.

AI and Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) frees people to focus on innovation.

Streamlined Processes

It’s integrated and synced. Work becomes easier, staff are more productive. 

Is Microsoft Modern Workplace right for your business?

Almost certainly. It’s flexibly designed to fit around devices already on your network.

But here’s the thing about Microsoft Modern Workplace:
It has a vast array of feature options. You won’t need all of them.

We customise the technology to suit your real-life people and processes. It will fit seamlessly into your existing IT environment and the unique way you do business.

We ask the right questions and listen carefully to your answers. That way, this cutting-edge tool delivers its full potential.

Call us on 01732 243100 for a no-obligation conversation. The initial consultation will be free of charge (and free from tech jargon).

Why choose PS Tech for Microsoft Modern Workplace?

Firstly, we don’t have sales targets. We’re not here to sell stuff.

If Microsoft Modern Workplace won’t suit your business processes, we’ll say so. We won’t recommend anything that isn’t relevant to the way you work.

If you want to go ahead, you’ll see results quickly. In fact, we can take the whole burden off your shoulders by dealing with:

  • The supply and management of subscriptions
  • Fast and efficient service migration
  • Staff training
  • Ongoing technical support

Call 01732 243100 to talk to our team. We won’t baffle you with tech gobbledegook – and if we’re not for you, there will be no obligation to continue.

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