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Reigate Kitchen Company is an independent supplier of bespoke kitchens with 5 employees based in Dorking, Surrey.

"The solutions met our objectives very well. Data has been collected together all in one place which has dramatically improved our collaborative working, especially when we are out on site or visiting clients."

- Ben Diprose, Design and Sales Director

The Challenge

Reigate Kitchen Company wanted to streamline and consolidate their IT with the focus being on increasing efficiency within the team across multiple sites. Data control and ease of use of the system needed to be increased for staff to effectively collaborate within the company’s LOB software. In addition to this, increased security was needed to manage company data and to ensure data was secure and backed up regularly.

“Our systems and software were getting older. At one point we also lost a lot of data, so we needed to have our data safely backed up. We also wanted our data to be easier to access when we are on site visits.”

The Solution

With the key points stressed around improving the ability of staff being able to work collaboratively, PS Tech decided to offer our Managed Service Lite plan. This includes Microsoft 365 Business Premium, data backup, IT systems monitoring and patching, allowing for greater flexibility and added security around file access and data control. PS Tech helped to reorganise the company file structure and move data away from third party cloud storage and into SharePoint, with staff then being trained appropriately. OneNote allows instant note and photo sharing, and Power Automate automates certain file activities when triggers are initiated.

The Result

The benefits that Reigate Kitchen now enjoy are huge. Implementing Microsoft 365 has greatly improved business collaboration and email security. Files are kept in sync and staff now effectively communicate no matter their location making remote working a more reliable experience.

PS Tech’s Managed Service Lite plan includes advanced security features ensuring all systems remain upto-date, increasing security around company data. Regular automatic data backups and Windows update compliance reporting now mean Reigate Kitchen Company no longer need to complete these tasks manually allowing staff to focus on more important issues. All this combined results in a more user-friendly experience, easy access of essential data, increased security, and a reduction in costs.

April 06, 2022 — Paul Stanyer