Remote working has, over the last couple of years, become the norm for many businesses. It has been well received by employees as they have felt they have achieved a better work-life balance. But there are still those that prefer the office environment, or at least some of the time.

According to a survey by YouGov, 18% of those asked report wanting to continue remote working full-time post pandemic, while 39% would opt for a hybrid work environment. That totals 57% of employees that would like some form of remote working to continue.

Another surprising statistic is that over half (51%) of those who currently have the option of a hybrid work environment would consider leaving their company if it was taken away (statistic source).

18% want to continue remote working full-time post pandemic.

39% would opt for a hybrid work environment.

51% would consider leaving their job if the option of hybrid working was taken away.

Many do not want to lose the work from home lifestyle they have become accustomed to and they certainly don’t miss the stress and distraction of commuting.

So giving the choice of remote or hybrid working options seems to be the ideal solution. You’ve seen it works, perhaps even better than you expected, and your business could even reduce some office based costs.

But there is more to consider. The work from home era has revealed some big holes in businesses data security. Is your data security at the level it should be?

How is your network accessed? Are the right security measures in place? Are their home networks protected from unauthorised access? Do their children use their company devices?

Home working also brings about the challenge of collaborating without being together in person. Do you have the tools to make sure communication does not suffer? Do they have the equipment and devices necessary for quality video meetings so they are able to be seen and heard?

PS Tech can provide assistance and support to ensure your remote workers are secure and have all the necessary up to date equipment to collaborate efficiently. Give us a call and see where we can help you and your team.

February 07, 2022 — Paul Stanyer