With hybrid and remote working now the norm, it has highlighted one area of great concern: Many businesses are still not adopting adequate cyber security measures. Does this apply to your business?

The remote working era, and the mass panic to work from home, opened up plenty of opportunities for cyber criminals to exploit. Security incidents are only increasing and growing in sophistication.

The cost to businesses when hit by a cyber-attack is massive, not only in pounds and pence, but in downtime and reputation.

A recent survey showed areas of concern…

Just 50% of businesses have cloud-based security protection in place

Only an extra 15% that do not have it already are looking into it

And only 9% are planning to prioritise their security this year

These results show that there are a huge number of vulnerable businesses. Is yours one of them? Are you taking your business data and your teams security seriously? Or are you aware of what you need to do, but struggling to understand how to do it?

The Zero Trust approach

What is the Zero Trust approach? Zero trust assumes that all activity, even by trusted users, is a threat until proven otherwise. Businesses operating with a Zero Trust approach are more resilient, consistent and responsive to new attacks. The increase in cyber crime shows the importance of adopting this approach. Security needs to be hard, not passive to prevent attacks from being successful.

How can PS Tech help?

Does your lack of cyber security worry you? Do you lack the needed security measures? Are you unsure of what you require or do you want to understand more about a Zero Trust approach? Give us a call on 01732 243100 or send us a message. We offer a free cyber- security audit and then make best-practice recommendations. The choice then of course is yours. Every second you do not have the correct security measures in place is time given to cyber criminals.

July 19, 2022 — Paul Stanyer