Email security at work – The red flags of email attackers

Email security at work – The red flags of email attackers

Email is an indispensable tool for communication but it can also open the door to potential security risks. Here’s 7 things you should check when you receive an email.
October 04, 2023 — Paul Stanyer
How can I stay safe online?

How can I stay safe online?

We are constantly online. With such accessibility comes a pressing responsibility: staying safe online. Follow these crucial steps to bolster your online safety.
October 04, 2023 — Paul Stanyer
shopping online on a mobile device

Stay safe this holiday season

Don't let your guard down this holiday season. Watch out for these scams.
December 01, 2022 — Paul Stanyer
Using Multi Factor Authentication

Don't be lazy... It's time to switch on MFA

We look at what Business Email Compromise (BEC) is and a simple change you can make to help prevent your business being subject to a BEC attack.
November 02, 2022 — Paul Stanyer
Laptop being used with hovering padlock icons depicting security

Protecting your business against phishing attacks [2022 UPDATED]

This article will help by providing some answers to these questions: What is a phishing attack? How does a phishing attack work? Who are vulnerable to phishing attacks? How can I tell a phishing email from a genuine one? How can I protect myself and my business from a phishing attack?
March 17, 2022 — Paul Stanyer
Hacker using computer

How hackers are using phishing in ransomware attacks

Don’t push the red button! - Phishing attacks are regularly successful because people are curious and like to click on things. Learn how to protect your users from phishing attacks.
October 14, 2021 — Paul Stanyer