A recent study funded by the EU revealed that risky and criminal online behaviour is becoming more and more commonplace and almost ‘normalised’ among the younger generation. One in three 16-19 year olds have admitted to digital piracy and a quarter have tracked or trolled someone online.

These are Individuals you could be employing. However, this is not the attitudes and practices you want brought into your workplace. This normalised behaviour could lead to a massive security breach.

In a survey of 8,000 16-19 year old's...

34% have taken part in Digital Piracy

27% have taken part in Trolling

12% have taken part in Money Muling

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2022/dec/05/risky-online-behaviour-almost-normalised-among-young-people-says-study

The study shows the need for more accountability amongst younger ones. Prevention is also the key to stop these attitudes and behaviours from becoming deeply engrained in the first place.

To make sure this risky and criminal behaviour is not within your office regular training is essential. Training will help everyone to see the dangers of bad online behaviour including:

  • The risk of a data breach.
  • How this kind of activity can harm themselves and others, including your business.
  • The consequences of taking part in any risky or illegal behaviour.

Cyber security training should also explain the scams that are out there and how to spot them so that everyone can play their part in protecting the business and potentially their jobs.

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February 07, 2023 — Paul Stanyer