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Simple human error is costly for any business and is a key factor in over 90% of data breaches. Educating your staff on cyber security best practice is vital. However once-a-year cyber security awareness training is not enough to fully train your employees and protect your organisation.

This is where Human Risk Management (HRM) comes in. HRM turns your team from the weakest link to your first line of defence.

It helps protect organisations against:

  • Human error – Educate your team on the common pitfalls with cyber awareness training.
  • Phishing threats – Enable users to identify and avoid even the most sophisitcated of phishing emails.
  • Lacklustre processes – Keep staff up to date on company security procedures with policy templates and trackable signature approvals.
  • Breached credentials – Reduce chances of attack by detecting exposed user data on the dark web.

What Does Cyber Awareness Mean?

Cyber security awareness means being aware of the cyber environment and comprehending the potential threats. These include hazards like malware, phishing, ransomware, and social engineering attacks. Understanding how these dangers can impact you and your organisation, spotting signs of an attempted intrusion, and knowing how to respond are integral components of cyber security awareness training. It's the first stride in creating a strong cyber security posture for any organisation or individual.

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The Significance of Cyber Security Awareness

With the digital realm overflowing with potential cyber threats, cyber security awareness forms a crucial pillar of business. The knowledge derived from this awareness serves as the cornerstone for building resilient defence mechanisms against online attacks. Everyone in an organisation has a role in safeguarding its digital assets, from using strong passwords to avoiding clicking suspicious links.

The Human Factor in Cyber Security

Often, human error proves to be the weakest link in cyber security. Uninformed or careless employees might unintentionally trigger a security incident. Cyber security awareness training can help diminish the risk of human error by ensuring employees understand potential risks and the preventative measures they can take. This is where we come in; we can help empower your employees with the skills to tackle security risks.

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What is Cyber Awareness Training?

Cyber Awareness Training is a specialised training designed to educate employees about the various online risks they could encounter daily. The training covers many topics, from recognising phishing emails to handling information correctly. The ultimate goal of cyber security training is to empower individuals within an organisation to act as a human firewall capable of detecting and effectively responding to potential risks.

Training for Cyber security: The PS Tech Approach

We understand that every organisation has unique cyber security needs and challenges. Our approach to cyber awareness training is tailored to these specific requirements. We employ various teaching methods, including interactive sessions and real-world scenarios, to ensure participants fully grasp the key concepts. Moreover, our cyber awareness training also is dynamic, adapting to the evolving cyber threat landscape to provide the most up-to-date knowledge and skills.

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The Core of Cyber Awareness: The 5 C's of Cyber

Cyber security awareness extends beyond understanding potential risks. It involves fostering a culture of vigilance. To facilitate this, we can distil cyber security awareness into five fundamental concepts, widely called the 5 Cs of cyber.

1. Clarification: Knowing Your Digital Environment

The first step towards robust cyber security awareness is understanding your digital environment. This involves being conscious of your organisation's hardware, software, and network infrastructure, recognising the various types of sensitive information you handle, such as personally identifiable information or intellectual property, and knowing how and where this information is stored and transferred. Clarifying your digital environment allows you to identify and proactively address potential vulnerabilities.

2. Caution: Being Mindful of Cyber Threats

With cyber security, caution is vital. Being mindful of risks means always staying vigilant for potential risks. This involves recognising scam emails, understanding online interaction dangers, and being cautious when handling sensitive information.

3. Configuration: Proper Security Measures

Configuration of security measures plays a crucial role in cyber awareness. It involves establishing systems and processes in a way that minimises vulnerabilities. Proper configuration can include installing firewalls, ensuring up-to-date software, enabling multi-factor authentication, and more. A correctly configured system forms your first line of defence against online risks.

4. Control: Management of Access and Privileges

Control in cyber awareness relates to managing access to your systems and information. Limiting access to sensitive information and granting privileges based on roles and responsibilities can significantly reduce your organisation's risk of falling victim to a cyber incident. Control also involves managing user credentials and passwords to prevent unauthorised access and stolen credentials.

5. Cyber Incident Response: Handling Potential Threats

Despite the best precautions, security incidents can still occur. This is where cyber incident response comes into play. A robust response plan can help minimise damage, recover lost data, and restore normal operations as quickly as possible. Cyber incident response is a critical component of cyber awareness, aiding organisations in effectively dealing with online attacks when they occur.

The Main Purpose of Cyber Security Awareness

Minimising Human Error: The Role of Employees

Despite advances in cyber security technology, human error remains one of the most common causes of security breaches. Often, this is due to a lack of awareness. Employees may inadvertently click on a phishing email, neglect to update their software, or misuse sensitive information, leading to potentially disastrous outcomes for many organisations.

Securing Sensitive Information: Protecting Personal and Intellectual Property

Another critical purpose of cyber awareness is protecting information and securing personally identifiable information. When employees understand the value of this information and the damage that could be done if it were compromised, they're more likely to handle it appropriately.

Promoting a Secure Culture: Why Cyber Security Awareness is Important

Promoting a secure culture within an organisation is a key aspect of cyber awareness. A strong security culture can prevent many organisations from becoming victims of cyber attacks, as all members understand their role in maintaining cyber awareness and are committed to it. In essence, cyber awareness isn't just about equipping individuals with knowledge but also about changing attitudes towards security. This shift in mindset often proves to be the most significant barrier to online dangers.

Overcoming Cyber Threats: Building a Resilient Defence

Security Incidents and Cyber Attacks

The world of online dangers is vast and ever-evolving. Incidents can range from phishing emails to more elaborate attacks aimed at extracting sensitive information or disrupting your operations. Staying one step ahead of these risks requires constant vigilance and a proactive approach to cyber security. This means keeping abreast of the latest risks, regularly updating and patching your systems, and conducting regular audits of your organisation's security posture and measures.

It involves a cyber security awareness month, empowering your team to detect and report potential risks. Through cyber awareness training, your employees can become valuable assets helping you spot potential risks before they escalate into serious cyber security incidents.

Strengthening Your Organisation's Security Posture with Cyber Awareness Training.

Cyber awareness is critical in strengthening your organisation's defence; with security awareness training, you develop a security-conscious workforce and culture where everyone understands their role in maintaining your organisation's cyber security.

Cyber security awareness training also allows your organisation to respond quickly and effectively to risks, reducing the potential damage and disruption caused by incidents. With our comprehensive cyber awareness training, your organisation will be well-equipped to build a resilient defence against online dangers.

The Path to a Secure Digital Future

The Role of Cyber Awareness in Preventing Security Breaches

Cyber awareness is a crucial tool in preventing security breaches. When your team understands the nature and scope of online dangers, they are better equipped to identify and mitigate potential risks. Cyber awareness gives your team the relevant knowledge and skills to navigate the digital world safely, safeguarding your organisation's information and intellectual property.

Turning Your Employees into Cyber Defenders

Your employees are an essential line of defence against online risks. Through comprehensive cyber security awareness and training, your employees can go from potential data security liabilities to active defenders of your organisation's digital assets.

Training for cyber security helps your team understand the potential risks they face when interacting online. It equips them with the tools they need to recognise and respond to these dangers, reducing the likelihood of human mistakes leading to a security breach. With PS Tech's expert guidance email security training tools, you can turn your employees into skilled cyber defenders, fortifying your organisation's defences.

By partnering with us, you're choosing a path of proactive cyber awareness, where security is not just a goal but a continuous journey. Embark on this journey with us, and let's build a secure digital future together.

Cyber Security Awareness Training: An Essential Tool

In pursuing robust cyber security training, awareness is the first line of defence. As online risks become increasingly sophisticated, cyber awareness training has become essential for organisations of all sizes.

Why is Cybersecurity Awareness Training Important?

With the increasing risks, having a technologically secure environment is no longer sufficient to protect everyone. Cyber awareness training reduces the likelihood of human mistakes leading to a security incident and fosters a security-conscious culture within the organisation, where everyone understands their role in maintaining cyber security.

Embracing Cyber Awareness and Training for Cybersecurity

Cyber awareness and training for cyber security are not just optional extras – they are critical components of a robust cyber security strategy. Embracing these practices can help your organisation stay one step ahead of online threats, protecting your users' information and securing your organisation's digital future.