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Our Lunch & Learn playlist is an archive of our monthly webinar recordings. They cover a whole heap of IT topics; news, tips and tricks. Have a look through and see what interests you!

Coming Tuesday 18th June 12:30PM BST

Why Should I Upgrade to Windows 11?

If you've ever been curious about what makes Windows 11 the latest and greatest, this is your golden ticket.

Here's what we'll briefly be talking about:

  • The future roadmap for Microsoft Windows
  • The fancy new features and improvements Windows 11 has over Windows 10 and earlier versions
  • Why you need to upgrade to Windows 11 sooner rather than later
  • How to upgrade to Windows 11 yourself

By tuning in, you'll get the scoop on how Windows 11 can supercharge your productivity, ramp up your security, and make your computer life just plain better. Plus, you'll get to grill me with all your questions and I'll do my best to dazzle you with my answers.

May 2024

Organise Your Teams with Microsoft Planner

In this video we organise your teams with Microsoft Planner. Paul demonstrates features that will help you and your team to streamline task management, enhance collaboration, visually track project progress, and more!

April 2024

Organise Your Work Life With SharePoint Lists

Who doesn't love the clarity of a well-structured list? Paul takes efficiency to a new level as he look's at how to use SharePoint Lists features to improve team work flow and organisation.

February 2024

Organise Your Work (& Personal) Life With Microsoft To Do

Paul demonstrates how to stay organised with Microsoft To Do. Learn how to create tasks, task lists and groups of lists, how to share your lists and how to integrate Microsoft To Do with other Microsoft applications.


Mastering Templates in Microsoft Office Apps

Mastering Microsoft templates - a powerful tool to optimise your workflow. Learn how to simplify document setup and maintain brand consistency with ease. As always follow Paul as he provides practical demonstrations on creating and utilising templates in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook, tailored to boost your productivity.

November 2023

Automating Microsoft Forms for Smarter Data Handling

Learn how to harness automation not just to gather data, but to analyse it swiftly and effectively, unlocking insights like never before.

We'll show you how to create a simple contact form for your website. How to collect the responses into a SharePoint list, and how to use conditional logic to send a custom email notification based on the contact request.

October 2023

Outlook's Pro Tips for Busy Professionals

Email – the hub of your professional life. From communication to organisation, it's an essential tool that you use every day. Emails flood our inboxes and productivity is paramount. Mastering Outlook is not just a skill – it's a necessity.

Discover Outlook's power and efficiency and explore new advanced techniques and shortcuts to supercharge your productivity.

September 2023

Think Your Accounts Are Safe?... Think Again!

What steps should we take to protect our accounts? What threats are lurking that make them vulnerable? From social media to banking, we have so many online accounts. Trying to keep them secure can quickly become overwhelming.

In this webinar, we dive into some of the secrets to better protect our accounts and personal information and show you how to utilise these tips for yourself through live demonstration.

August 2023

Boost efficiency with VoIP: Best features explained

The world of communications has changed and will be changing even more very soon.
In this webinar we cover, the scalability and the flexibility of VoIP, auto attendant features (phone menus and custom company greetings to mention a few), powerful integration options and much more...

July 2023

Master Microsoft Teams

Is Teams just another meeting tool? No. We'll be looking at some basic and advanced tips in the current and new version of Teams to help you use this messaging and workspace tool to its full.

June 2023

How to Manage Passwords Effectively

Learn how to manage passwords effectively by using a password manager. Discover the ideal storage location for passwords and find out if storing them in your browser is secure. Also, get insights on how frequently passwords should be changed.

May 2023

Introducing Microsoft Loop

Have you heard of Microsoft Loop? It's one of Microsoft's latest collaboration tools. If you already have Microsoft 365 then you already have access to Loop. So why not find out what it does and how to use it? Paul Stanyer will show you all of the above in this month's video.

April 2023

SharePoint - Common Questions Answered

Where do you start with SharePoint? It is easy to fall at the first hurdle. Paul will be answering common questions we often get asked about SharePoint by means of live demonstration.


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