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“Understand your current security posture so that you can identify the vulnerabilities.”
— Paul Stanyer, Founder and MD of PS Tech

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Understand where human vulnerabilities lie within your business and how to protect your organisation against evolving cyber threats.

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Your business's human risk score

View your overall score and find out if your business is high risk.

Estimated 'Time-to-Breach'

See the time it takes for a hacker to access your systems.

Employee phishing simulation results

Learn how your users engage with phishing emails.

Data exposed on the dark web

Find out leaked credentials and what accounts could be at risk.

Your step-by-step remediation plan

What you can do to reduce your risk.

“Amazing helpful team. No problem is an issue. PS Tech have helped with IT changes, upgrades and improvements. Brilliant company providing a personal service and all the IT solutions needed for organisations professionalism.”
— Caroline Leet, Town Clerk | Edenbridge Town Council
"Been using PS Tech for the last 2 months and feel our business is much more secure. Their service is second to none! as a business we feel safe and heard by PS Tech. Thank you!"
— Louise

Who Are PS Tech?

PS Tech have been providing Managed IT Services since 2003.

We understand how important technology is to your business but believe it is only part of the service. We’re here to deliver clear long-term business benefits:

  • Reliable efficiency
  • Cost savings
  • Greater productivity

We listen properly – because to meet your future objectives, we should understand where you are right now as a business. Then we can offer the best advice and services, covering everything from IT support and service management, cloud services, cyber security, telephone systems and internet.

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