No doubt you are now familiar with the terms Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) or Two-factor Authentication (2FA). If not, this is what our banks use when we log in to our accounts.

Using MFA in your business protects your applications and data, one of your most valuable assets.

This extra layer of security on all of your business accounts makes it far more difficult for the cyber criminals to ruin your day.

Why is MFA so important?

With the rise of cyber attacks, MFA has become more important than ever. Did you know that 60% of businesses fail after a cyber attack? This is either due to the high cost of recovering from the attack, or the significant reputational damage that occurs. Using MFA is a simple and effective way to reduce the risk of an attack and protect your business data.

According to Microsoft, adding MFA prevents over 99% of account takeover attempts.

If you are not already using MFA, you should start immediately. You could be putting your data and even your entire business at risk.

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April 18, 2023 — Paul Stanyer